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Alecia Shepherd is a remarkable and inspirational woman; a survivor of horrible physical and psychological abuse and a survivor of a combination of disabilities and a rare blood disease. She is an overcomer, and, in spite of the pain she copes with on a constant basis, she has chosen to dedicate her life to the help and edification of others.

This website is the realization of her heart’s deepest desire; a far-reaching means by which to share all of that with which God has blessed her.

Her music is emotional, powerful, while at times dark and shocking. Always finely interlaced in her songs is ever found the glimmering essence of hope which keeps you eagerly listening for each new movement and track. It is this same hope which sparkles in her eyes and evokes testimony from those who know her of how here presence alone is uplifting to the spirit.

Her poetry is powerful, vivid, depicting pain and suffering, hope and encouragement, adversity and victory. Her Chapbook of poetry, "Heart of the Grey Monarch," reflects on her life of facing and overcoming many of imagination's most horiffic torments.

Her art captures beauty in exceptional, realistic renderings comprised of a sundry of media and subject mixes.

Her heart touches everyone around her with its seemingling limitless capacity to love, nurture and unite to fulfill her desire to see the lives of others improved and enriched.

"I hope you enjoy my website. It represents my life of creative works. I know you will find something here that soothes and comforts, challenges and improves, or restores joy and hope to your life." - Alecia Shepherd

TO PURCHASE MY MUSIC: My music is now available everywhere! You can purchase from, iTunes, or any of your favorite digital dowload locations. Only has the physical CD copy with the original art, poetry, and such.

TO PURCHASE MY POETRY: My chapbook of poetry is only available in paperback form through

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3.31.2012 - Added a new song: "AWAKENING - Vocal Remix".

08/12/2009 - Added a new poem: "Believing In A Future Peace".
08/19/2009 - Added a new article: "The Three Best Times To Pray".
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12/05/2009 - Added a new poem: "Silence Shouts A Welcome Return".
07/07/2010 - Added a new PAGE OF LOVE! This is a MUST-READ!
09/12/2010 - Added a new poem: "An Undertaking".

09/19/2010 - Added a new article: "Defining Technology".

06/05/2011 - Re-Added full Chapbook of poetry, "Heart of the Gray Monarch".

09/26/2011 - Added a NEW Art Gallery with lots of NEW ART and all-new Music Navigation with FULL SONGS instead of demos and lots of NEW MUSIC!

11/01/2011 - Now casting LIVE on JustinTV, where you can watch me painting and drawing, hear my music and chat with me personally! Click here [ SN0W SHEPHERD ] and choose to FOLLOW my channel!

12/12/2011 - Added a new poem: "The Way She Seems".

03/05/2012 - Added a new piece of art: "Sisters Two".
03/05/2012 - Added a new piece of art: "Discovery".
03/05/2012 - Added a new piece of art: "Winter's Kiss".
03/05/2012 - Added a new piece of art: "The Last Dance".

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Lifeblood Charity
Alecia Shepherd supports the Lifeblood Thrombosis Charity for research that will some day end the threat of blood clots and blood clotting disorders.

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