Website currently under heavy construction by burly men with beards!


This website has been crafted from some of the darkest fiery pits of creativity to bring forth into a single place a nightmare host of remarkable works. This main page has several places for you to visit. Let’s see which hollows most tickle yer morbid fancy.

The home tab is where we can find several things, to which include some of her musical works. A gallery of some of her art work, and of course her famous Minecraft resource pack, SN0WSONG!

In the creatives tab, we have several places to visit. It is there you will find recipes to recreate some of Sn0w’s best dishes! There is much more in the tab as well: music, short stories, art, sociological articles and her WIP new book, ROFLCOPTER!

The acknowledgement tab is where she pays tribute to her inspirations in life.

Her Minions feature pages devoted to the creatives of some of the people that are close to her, including yours-truly, the Traveling Templar. More will be added in time!

Finally! Do you need work done on a photo? How about a musical piece? Need some Sound Effects or sound engineering work done for games to improve immersion, or even Hollywood quality effects for video? How about graphics design, logos, original and unique artworks, articles, you name it…commission Alecia! She will gladly assist you in whatever you might need!

New works are added regularly, so watch out for more features to be added to the website! Lest me not forget, to thank you all deeply for visiting said website! I hope you enjoy your stay!

– The Traveling Templar