Now Over 2 Million Sn0wZone / Sn0wSong downloads!

That’s right! With over TWO Million Sn0wZone Downloads!! We have hit a huge milestone with that massive number, in celebration Sn0w has announced she will begin work on a complete conversion mod for Minecraft up to version 1.12.2 adding all of the new textures, sounds and songs necessary to complete the Total Conversion. Sn0wZone 3.0 is coming SOON! With a brand new, 100% original composition, optional Soundtrack of music to add to the game. There are already over 100 songs available for Sn0wZone to choose from. Sn0wZone 3.0 will release with a complete new series!

Also expect connected textures, the completion of all the Mobs, MOD support for your favorite MODs and much much more!


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