Who we behold changes who we are.
Our new life with him begins
as silence and I climb out of the car.
Who am I now, will I carry his sins
in this hidden little hovel,
small and unclean!
Is to be our new nowhere home,
set in the center of a nowhere scene?
The whole human world has left this place alone.
Little and scared I vanished,
trying to hide from who he was.
I was afraid of him too.
Was evil simply right for you?
His fists are hard,
and all the guns on earth, at his command.
How could I stand
against this wicked, cold man?
Best to cry alone.
My little secret.
Or everyone dies!

Raped in the snow.
Why me?!
Can’t you stop this?
You know, “It’s good!” he said,
but inside, I knew
that part of me learned to hide,
perhaps had died.
Was that the end for you?
Was that all you saw?
Why can’t you see?!
Made-up little girl for him,
what he’d made of me?

Seven to Nine.
I said nothing.
Seven to Nine.
I was nothing.
Seven to Nine.
Where was God for me?
From Seven to Nine,
Why can’t I breathe?!

There was no lust
that a man could have
that he didn’t spend on me.
Whatever I was,
did it really matter?
Girl, or daughter, or demon seed?

Seven to Nine.
Are you blind!?
Seven to Nine.
How!? Why!?
Seven to Nine.
Was I made for him?
Seven to Nine.
And Sixty-Nine.
Did you think I’d simply forget?

Why can’t I forget?!

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