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Described as unique, powerful, experimental, as techno filled with rare
emotion, Alecia’s music is truly something to be experienced, not just heard.

Currently, she has two Albums out. “Genesis I” and “Second Genesis.”
These two CD´s belong to a series she is working on called, “Unmasked.”

Contained on this website are demos of all 23 tracks from both CD’s. You
can also choose to purchase any of her music, by CD or by Track, from Use the images below to hear the music and find links to

New music is coming along, and Alecia is currently open to take commission
for new works. Please check the “Commissions” button in the top interface.

Five Friends

Waiting. Drip…drip…drip… It was easier than I’d feared. I almost couldn’t stop myself Once I really got started. It felt so…fucking….good. The release. FREEDOM! MY WAY! Never imagined so much pain Would bring so much pleasure. Were it feasible, I might have blushed. Drip…drip… Slow, beautiful, delicious. I can’t help but to drink. Like chocolate… […]