Five Friends

It was easier than I’d feared.
I almost couldn’t stop myself
Once I really got started.
It felt so…fucking….good.
The release.
Never imagined so much pain
Would bring so much pleasure.
Were it feasible, I might have blushed.
Slow, beautiful, delicious.
I can’t help but to drink.
Like chocolate…
Getting it…
No Martyr here.
Just a gopher among daffodils,
And searching for…
What was the word?
Sometang? Something tangy?
I lick a bit more.
Pennywisle, burbles and puffy,
Guess me and my mess
don’t need to be cleaned this time.
Normally I would worry so!
Smear, smear.
Okay, one more!
I just can’t resist!
Sniff, sniff…
The aroma of flowers fills me.
I remember that field trip to the iron forge.
The smells. The smells.
Eternity is a facade.
I wonder where the immortal went to fall asleep.
Did they ever walk? Or wake?
For starters, my silly, tiny brains,
How could they work out such mysteries?
Knowledge was a killing virus
In the beginning, remember?
Who would have known,
Who ever COULD have known that
Disobedience was so brutally consequential?!
Oooo! Tangy!
Sometang! Yes! I like that word!
As if hiding quarters in your mouth
to go to the arcade later.
My purple lips stretch a bit.
This little rat scurries Quidity.
I could go for one last sip.
Oops…my hand slipped.
I know what oxygen smells like.
I remember it.
I have felt my own skin.
It’s not a warm blanket.
It’s all scratchy and sad.
It cries a lot.
Are some created just to teach?
Do some teach pain?
Do they teach it to God?
He would need to know EVERYTHING, right?!
Maybe that’s why.
Then I am PhD of taxonomy!
Just one more journal to read.
I’m not confused anymore.
I love chocolate.
I wonder if gophers do too?
I guess it won’t matter anymore.
I’m not sick anymore.
I’m not sick anymore.
I’m not sick anymore.
I’m not sick anymore.
I’m not…
Love is emptied by time.
Is this why vampires
Romance the sunrise?

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