I am the hammer you need to break free,
free of your jagged shell,
the rock that keeps you through sand and sea,
through storm and maddening still.
I see you for who you are,
Hidden, cold, alone, within your cell.
I can convince you through time and proof,
you’re no slave, warped and twisted by the past,
not a waste, not a worm, not a fool,
but like the rest of us here,
a timid creature, wounded survivor of abuse.
Let me teach you; show you a way out,
empower your courage to choose,
expose but keep you near waters of life,
stay with and near you as you grow.
I see your spirit clamor to break free,
sad, isolated to the point of lunacy,
buried deep in the heart of your stony flesh.
Please embrace the light that you see
pouring in from the world beyond your shell.
Not filth, not abandoned, not a tool,
but with aching sadness, like so very few,
brave enough to change!
You will be strang to the world and afraid,
although safe and warm and gently covered
by the soft down of mighty, white wing.
Your vision will pierce the darkness
once your new life has begun.
As you will soon see others, I now see you
for who you were destined to become.
Potential that breaks the leashes set by your past.
I will guide your ardent chase for the sun,
give you hope and a future beyond visions and dreams.
It will be crafted, designed, filled and bathed
in the light.
At last, given its song, your heart will sing
and your eyes gleam!
Captured by joy beyond this world,
laying down the burden of your self.
Flying through the clouds, you will be strong!
Your eyes are set on the one
true and narrow path revealed.

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