Peanut Butter Rolls

2lb bag of Powdered Sugar

1/2 pound of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

5T Jiff Peanut Butter


Allow the Cream Cheese to soften to room temperature where it

is moist and easily workable.  Using your hands, crush the

powdered Sugar into the cheese about 2/3lb at a time.  Reserve

about 1 cup of the sugar.  When the mixture will form a nice,

smooth ball, sort of like a slightly moist bread dough, spread

the remaining sugar out on a clean dry surface and roll the

mixture out onto the sugar.  Flip the mixture several times as

you flatten it to about 1/2 inch thick.  Make sure both sides

are thoroughly coated with the dry sugar.  Take a rolling pin

or even just a round smooth glass and cover it in the

dry powdered sugar and roll the mixture flat, to about 1/8 inch

thick.  Dust off some of the powdered sugar from the top surface

and spread the Jiff peanut butter on smoothly and evenly.  To

roll, coat your fingers in the dry sugar and lift and roll from

one end of the flat mixture to the other, tucking dry sugar

underneath the roll as you go as needed to prevent sticking.


Place the roll into aluminum foil and toss into the refrigerator

for an hour or so, until it chills, sets, and becomes nice and

firm.  Slice and refrigerate until serving time.


Note:  work quickly to prevent sticking…also, these will break

down at room temperature and become too gooey to maintain their

form unless they are allowed to totally dry out and become


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