I never would have survived to see the completion of
all of my works had it not been for the love and support
of the wonderful friends I have met along my path.
The past two years have been agonizing for me in every
sense of the word; emotionally, spiritually,
psychologically, and physically. I would have given up
long ago had it not been for those vital relationships,
those deep friendships that looked beyond my physical
limitations and embraced my heart and encouraged it to
fulfill its dreams. I thank you with all my being.

Last and most importantly, I need to give my greatest
debts of gratitude and purest, deepest, most sincere
love to the most remarkable woman I have ever known;
Rita Sjong. Thank you for loving me through everything! You
are the very best friend I have ever had and I love you
with all of my heart.

I am most especially thankful to Jesus Christ, my savior,
without whose intervention unto reconciliation of my
hatred of myself and God, I would have ended this existence
long ago.

I also recognize with sincere love, care, and concern,
my dear friend and confidante, Talia, a wonderful and
much-missed caregiver, Walter, Dr. Ron, the physicians and
psychologists and all the PhD’s in my social circles, and
all those who never turned away from me regardless of
how difficult I became to live with.