What is a B2B Company Example?

Manufacturing materials, clothing, automotive parts, and semiconductors are all B2B examples. These materials are part of transactions between two companies. In the business-to-business model, companies and organizations exchange goods and services. For instance, a company may hire another company to provide the raw materials needed to make a product.

A large B2B e-commerce platform can help your business to easily develop and scale to meet market needs and customer expectations. This is done by generating new sales channels and approaching new market segments. Thanks to integration with ERP and other back-end business systems, e-commerce offers remarkable efficiency for B2B organizations. Customers can conveniently place orders online, customer service can focus on real customer service functions instead of begging order takers, and demand for data key changes in separate systems is reduced.

This will significantly reduce the chance of errors, improve shipping processes, and increase order performance. A B2B e-commerce website with public catalog pages is a great way to access new B2B consumers. Because B2B customers go online to search for the best prices, manufacturers and distributors can capitalize on the power of search (and therefore be ready to index) your website pages to define new visitors and convert them into customers. In addition, e-commerce opens up a valuable opportunity for B2B companies to improve their customer service initiatives.

E-commerce websites can provide access to self-service portals with orders, accounts, history, and tracking information. It can also display customer-specific items, services, and prices according to the customer's credentials. Alibaba is one of the largest B2B e-commerce companies in the world. It sells products in 40 industries, serving more than 18 million sellers and buyers in 240 countries and territories.

Alibaba created a system that automatically expanded with its growth by focusing on customer demands. Connect sellers and buyers while earning money with commissions and ads. For the most part, it provides a complete package that includes all the features needed for any B2B business, such as approval workflows, pay by invoice, multi-user accounts, etc. In addition, customers can have Business Prime with several levels that unlock more incredible benefits.

Each level is unique and has different prices. Amazon Business is also innovating by continually reviewing new features and making adjustments to the current experience. Personalization has become an essential part of B2B e-commerce. Salesforce Research Shows 80% of B2B Buyers Expect a Shopping Experience Equivalent to Their Amazon Shopping Experience.

If you can't provide excellent, personalized service, your B2B buyers will immediately find another provider. Royal Brinkman has gained a huge database of customer knowledge with more than 10 years of experience in B2B e-commerce. This allows the company to segment its audience into specific groups. Applying customer segmentation, Royal Brinkman has content that connects with the various stages and characters of its B2B customer journey.

Use short videos and other content to answer your customers' questions through your intuitive web store. eWorldTrade has become one of the most incredible virtual marketplaces to help connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Its single point of sale (USP), which has been the center of attraction for most sellers worldwide, is to offer sellers a complete list of potential customers, saving b2b sellers the trouble of waiting and searching for buyers. In addition, eWorldTrade has taken into account the needs and requirements of buyers by reducing the chances of fraud and errors through its well-thought-out policies.

EcoEnClose provides companies with environmentally friendly packaging to address almost any need, with the aim of matching customers with the right packaging in line with the sustainability values of their business. EcoEnClose comes with B2B features that some business customers may want or prefer, not forgetting to satisfy those customers who prefer to imitate their daily B2C experience. In addition, to help customers know which packaging items will suit them, EcoEnclose adds detailed details about each item. For each item, they add a full specification sheet describing the features, sizes, and technical specifications.

In addition, they also help customers identify if the items in the packaging are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. Mallory's website is an impressive example of a B2B e-commerce store due to several factors. If B2B e-commerce sites don't group products in this way, visitors will find it difficult to filter too many product options leading to abandonment of their carts. In addition, the website also keeps the search bar and shipping cart icon “fixed” at the top of the navigation so that they always stay on the screen even when shoppers scroll down the page.

Atlanta Light Bulbs generates a mobile app that makes it faster and easier for B2B buyers to place orders. The company uses another application to allow buyers to make personalized quotes in seconds. In addition, with another app Atlanta Light Bulbs allows customers to set their own price for an item and then receive a message showing if their offer is approved. Kippie allows customers to complete their purchases as a guest without having to enter all their information; they can also use a “one-time guest payment” to purchase products.

These B2B customers want the same shopping experience as B2C where convenience is significantly improved. In addition to displaying products with high-resolution images and product-specific information site navigation makes it clear to B2B customers that they must filter through the company's gigantic product catalog. Buyers can narrow their search using a wide range of parameters including color shape material type capacity function and more. Berlin Packaging creates the B2C-like shopping experience that B2B customers prefer with features such as customer feedback relevant articles and live chat. That said businesses should consider all these factors when creating their own B2B e-commerce store.

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