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Alecia Shepherd takes no responsibility for any result of anyone having read any of her stories or articles. Some are frightening and violent, some are informative and sociological by intention. Alecia refuses any and all responsibility for persons reading these stories and/or articles against the age restriction imposed by the author.

The Coming Flood Mature Content Flagging in SL

     As most people who have been around Second Life for any length of time should know, Linden Labs, the developers and owners of Second Life (SL), have touted from the beginning that their Virtual World (their VR) is to be “…for the citizens, by the citizens””.  This is intended to mean that Second Life […]

Why Must My Avatar Sit?

The SLippery SLope 09/24/2007     Have you ever asked yourself the question in life, as you attempt to make your way through it, through all of its trials, temptations, pits and snares, successes and failures, “Why do I have to sit?”  Well, unless you are terribly clever or ridiculously defiant, you probably haven’t asked that […]


 The SLippery SLope (“What do you mean; an African or a European swallow?”)     Borrowing from Monty Python’s “Quest for the Holy Grail”, I chose to write an article for this month’s advice column about “migration”.  Yes, an African swallow does not migrate.  However, a European swallow migrates all the way to Africa for the […]

By Way of Introduction

    As I sat silently in the car of my dearest friend, my mentor, my first ever example of an honestly good man, I reflected on the conversation we were about to conclude.  We had explored the very furthest reaches of sociology and psychology in pan-galactic proportions.  We had explored the human condition the way […]