Remember how we used to feel?
Before our world got way too real?
We didn’t dress to stress, impress,
just to make a glor’yus mess!
Ran around all Sunday long
singing just one radio song
and never worried right or wrong
to catch a door for weak or strong,
to be a part of helping out
and not ashamed to dance and shout.
Remember how we used to feel
before we had all this stuff to steal?
Pocket lint or Barbie dolls,
didn’t need much more at all
to bless a weekend full of friends,
hide and seek and play-pretends.
We fell asleep beneath the moon
and woke up Saturday, grabbed spoons,
munched on bowls of sugar-milk
then ran to TVs new cartoons.
Remember how we used to feel?
Before we fretted every meal?
Never worried ’bout the wind,
sunrise and early breeze on the skin,
our super-charged attitudes to “WIN! WIN! WIN!”?
Not a thought of losing face
not fast enough to take the race,
unless of course we got a taste
of bully or for pre-school paste.
Remember how we used to feel?
When I-Slam was a football field?
We’d tie flowers or swing from trees
Back when “free” was a guarantee?
Now we worry days and nights,
and carry guns to keep our rights.
Facebook says, “Live in the past!
Your future’s dead, today’s too fast!”
The times have changed and you’re the same,
working, crazy, tired or lame.
Let me remind you just one thing;
might just make that little bell ring,
might just remind you to just open up and sing,
it’s nothing all that complicated,
no side effects and doesn’t sting.
You only fade when ya stop sharing.
So share it all.

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